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According to Corvette chief engineer Tadge Juechter, "dampers, springs, and bushings account for only the last 10 percent of handling. The majority of the other 90% is chassis stiffness". Even if he is only half right, that still says a lot about the importance of chassis stiffness. Our cars have arguably the stiffest chassis ever built for a C3 Corvette. If you are building your own C2 or C3 racecar, it might help to use GM's guide to modifying the C2/C3 Corvette chassis for racing. This publication is 40 years old, but the information is still valid and obviously period correct. You can download the GM guide as a PDF file here. If you want to go beyond the frame prep standards outlined in these instructions, give us a call.
Racing Shocks

Most vintage racers never test their shocks, and therefore don't get much benefit from adjustable shocks. Testing to us means not only plotting the shock performance on a shock dyno, but also testing the shocks on the track during a dedicated and controlled test session. We extensively and thoroughly test shocks and offer three options for the vintage Corvette racer.
Non Adjustable Duntov Shocks

This looks like a street car shock, but it is definitely a proper vintage Corvette custom racing shock. We have tested and have run these shocks right out of the box. Install them and forget them, as they will work for the typical 2800 lb vintage Corvette club racecar.

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Non adjustable Corvette Duntov shocks
Front Set Non-Adjustable Duntov Racing Shocks
Rear Set Non-Adjustable Duntov Racing Shocks
Car Set Non-Adjustable Duntov Racing Shocks
Single Adjustable Duntov Shocks

They are set for you, but you can change the adjustment of the whole car set in 5 minutes. The bounce setting is fixed; the rebound is adjustable. It is the rebound that upsets the C2 /C3 racecars on hilly courses like Road Atlanta.

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Corvette single adjustable Duntov shocks
Front Set Single Adjustable Duntov Racing Shocks
Rear Set Single Adjustable Duntov Racing Shocks
Car Set Single Adjustable Duntov Racing Shocks
Double Adjustable Duntov Racing Shocks

These are the best inexpensive double adjustable conventional shocks we have found. We will set them up for you, and work with you to help you dial them in to your car and track.

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Corvette double adjustable Duntov racing shocks
Front Set Double Adjustable Duntov Racing Shocks
Rear Set Double Adjustable Duntov Racing Shocks
Car Set Double Adjustable Duntov Racing Shocks
Double Adjustable Duntov Reservoir Shocks

These shocks are straight from NASCAR and F1 technology. They are legal in SVRA as they are not 'remote' reservoir canister shocks, but the reservoir is inline and a part of the shock itself. Tony Dowe has specified the valving and initial adjustments and we will help you adjust from there, if you are inclined towards further refinements.

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Corvette double adjustable Duntov reservoir shocks
Front Set Double Adjustable Duntov Canister Shocks
Rear Set Double Adjustable Duntov Canister Shocks
Car Set Double Adjustable Duntov Canister Shocks
Front Hub Assemblies

These front hubs are OEM parts that have been trued for runout, then bored and fitted with ARP wheel studs. Timken bearings are included and installed. Please select the wheel stud length, either the stock 1.75 inches (for steel wheels) or 3 inch. Select either the 65-68 small bearing hubs or the 1969 and later big bearing hubs.

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Corvette front hub assemblies
Car Set 65-68 Duntov Racing Front Hub Assemblies with 3" x 7/16 inch ARP Studs
Car Set 65-68 Duntov Racing Front Hub Assemblies with 1/2 inch ARP Studs
Stud Length
Car Set 1969 and later Duntov Racing Front Hub Assemblies with 3" x 7/16 inch ARP Studs
Car Set 1969 and later Duntov Racing Front Hub Assemblies with 1/2 inch ARP Studs
Stud Length

Racing Front Springs

We offer four options here, and admittedly there is a vast distance between them. Conventional wisdom has small block vintage Corvettes running 700 lb springs and big blocks running the heavier springs. The fact is, you want to run the softest springs you can. We run between 350 and 450 lb front springs in our big block cars, but our cars are fully sorted and adjustable, and that allows us to optimize spring rates. Contact us for front spring rates not listed.

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Note: Ride height will have to be adjusted by cutting the spring. Instructions are enclosed.

RS180 Duntov Corvette racing front springs
Duntov Racing Front Springs
Spring Rate

RS200 Duntov racing and high performance rear springsRacing & Hi-Performance Rear Springs

We offer seven spring rates for the vintage Corvette racer. To put these rates into perspective, the stock 9-leaf rear spring was 196 lbs, and the HD F41 rear spring was 330. We start with new steel leaves, and re-arch the main leaf to assure adequate spring rate at full droop. This is particularly important at Road Atlanta and Monterey. Again, you want to run the lightest spring rate you can and still not bottom out! A rear sway bar helps in this regard. We do not recommend fiberglass leaf springs for racing. Steel leafs progressively increase spring rates and allow for a greater range of rate from full droop to full bump. Fiberglass leaves are individually too stiff and too flat. Our cars are best with about a 300 lb. rear spring, but you will probably need more. Allow two weeks for fabrication. Free Freight

Duntov Racing Steel Rear Leaf Springs
Positive Spring Mount Assembly

This hardware locks the leaf spring to the trailing arm. It is required with our rear sway bar, but it is a good idea to run it whether you run a rear sway bar or not. This linkage prevents the trailing arm from floating off the spring as you crest hills. Included are the four expensive high misalignment spherical bearings and the mounting hardware as shown.

The spacers are cut a little long so you will probably have to trim them slightly to fit snugly into your trailing arm as shown. The stock trailing arm width varies too much for us to ship a positive inside fit. Notice also the window you will have to cut in the bottom of your trailing arm. If you buy your racing trailing arms from us and at the same time you order this assembly, we will do all the machining on the trailing arm to accommodate these mounts. Free Freight
RS210 Corvette positive spring mount assembly
Positive Spring Mount Assembly
Racing Upper A-Arm Assemblies

Up to now, your choices for front A-Arm bushing material were OEM rubber, poly or solid steel. Since we run spherical bearings in our A-Arms, we have added them to our racing parts offering. The A-Arms themselves are selected original parts sandblasted, jig welded and epoxy painted. The ball joints are our Moog Racing. The spherical bearings are internal and do not show.

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Corvette racing upper A-Arm assemblies

Car Set Upper A-Arm Assemblies with Spherical Bearing Bushings

Racing Lower A-Arm Assemblies

The lower A-Arms can be ordered with either solid steel or spherical bearing bushings, made with mounts for either the stock or adjustable sway bar. If you are running a stock type sway bar and end links and you want solid steel bushings, select part number RS330 with the reinforced stock sway bar bosses. If you are running a stock type sway bar and end links and you want spherical bearing bushings, select part number RS335. If you are running our racing front sway bar with solid bushings, select RS340. For the ultimate setup, adjustable sway bar and spherical bearing bushings, select Part # RS345. All the racing A-Arms include Moog Racing ball joints.

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Corvette racing lower A-Arm assemblies
Set up for Stock Sway Bar

Car Set Lower A-Arm Assemblies with Spherical Bearings - Stock Type Sway Bar

Stock Sway Bar Mount

Car Set Lower A-Arm Assemblies with Spherical Bearings - Adjustable Sway Bar

Adjust. Sway Bar Mount

Moog Ball Joints

These special Moog Racing ball joints are US made, and they are the ones we use in our racecars

Free Freight for Orders Over $100

Corvette Moog racing ball joints
Upper Ball Joints
Car Set Correct Moog Racing Upper Ball Joints
Car Set Correct Moog Racing Lower Ball Joints

Corvette stock front sway bar assembliesStock Front Swaybar Assemblies

We offer three stock type front swaybars and the one racing front swaybar assembly that we use in our cars. Generally speaking, the softer the bar the better the traction, but if that were the whole story, we would be better off to have no front swaybar at all. When designing and building a car, many are considered in selecting the right sized front swaybar, but if you already have your car, perhaps you should consider only one: Does the car generally push (understeer)? If so, go smaller on the stock bar. If the front end is stuck but the rear end is always loose, go bigger. Our stock type front bars come with poly mounts and end links.
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1 inch Stock Type Front Swaybar with Poly Bushings & End Links
1-1/8 inch Stock Type Front Swaybar with Poly Bushings & End Links
1-1/4 inch Stock Type Front Swaybar with Poly Bushings & End Links
Racing Front Swaybar Assembly

This adjustable tubular splined swaybar assembly utilizes self aligning aluminum pillow block bushings and spherical bearings that bolt directly into our lower control arm steel bung. It is way better than the stock design as it is adjustable and never in a bind.

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RS360 Duntov racing front swaybar assembly

Duntov Racing Front Swaybar Assembly

Racing Rear Swaybar Assembly

Rear swaybars on vintage Corvette race cars are optional. If you are not now running a rear swaybar and your car's handling is neutral, you can put the power down, you are at the front of the pack and your are happy, then forget a rear swaybar. If any one of those answers is no, then you can enter a new world of performance with a properly engineered rear swaybar assembly working in concert with your properly engineered front swaybar. You won't believe how much better your car changes directions. The configuration shown is typical, but may not fit on your particular car. Call us if you need something special.

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RS362 Duntov racing rear swaybar assembly

Duntov Racing Rear Swaybar Assembly

Adjustable Rear Swaybar Assembly

This setup allows an accomplished driver to make handling adjustments during a race to compensate for tire wear, fuel load or track conditions.

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RS364 Duntov adjustable rear swaybar assembly

Duntov Adjustable Rear Swaybar Assembly


Duntov HD Trailing Arm with Spherical Bearing

The trailing arm front bushing is the only bushing on the car that has to accommodate movement about an axis with a variable plane. All other bushings manage movement about an axis on a fixed plane. The trailing arm front bushing has to accommodate movement up and down in an arc. For that reason, it's not possible to run solid steel bushings in your trailing arms. Your options are the stock rubber bushings which deflect with the arc, or poly bushings which are forced to deflect when put into a bind, and quickly wear an oblong hole. Our racing trailing arms start life as new OEM stock arms which we sandblast, reinforce with a continuous perimeter weld and add a .125 4130 steel plate on top to resist bending. We then weld in the spherical bearing. The collar shown pressed in place in the picture is designed to properly accommodate the bearing movement while still allowing conventional trailing arm shims.

Specify Driver or Passenger Side - Free Freight

RS410 Duntov HD trailing arms with spherical earing and collar
Duntov HD Trailing Arms with Spherical Bearing and Collar

Offset Trailing Arms with Spherical Bearings

These arms are offset 2 inches more than the stock arm. They are designed to accommodate wider wheels and tires by going inboard, but there is more to consider if you are going in that direction. There are three places where tire clearance is about the same on the inside; the arm, the frame directly over the axle centerline (when the suspension is in full bump) and the end of the leaf spring. Remember to figure in tire wall flex when evaluating the clearance between your tire and the sharp end of the rear leaf spring. The arms come with bearings welded in and includes the spacers and studs.

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RS420 Duntov car set of offset trailing arms with spherical bearings
Car Set Duntov Offset Trailing Arms with Spherical Bearings

Duntov Racing Trailing Arm Assemblies

Like vintage Corvette racing differentials, the trailing arm assemblies have to be set up with racing specs. Stock trailing arm specs call for up to 8 thousandths end play. Racing requires preload. These assemblies are the best of everything: A spherical bearing in place of the stock type front bushing, fully welded arm with 4130 reinforced steel plate on top, 4130 spindles, and ARP wheel studs. These can be ordered with or without parking brakes.

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Duntov racing trailing arm assemblies
Duntov Racing Trailing Arm Assembly With No Parking Brake
Duntov Racing Trailing Arm Assembly with Parking Brake
C2 / C3 Racing Strut Rod Set

For racing applications, this is the only way to go. As you know, the strut rod acts as the lower control arm on the rear suspension of the 63-82 Corvette. For racing, nothing but steel will do for bushings. These are high quality spherical rod ends, Left and Right hand threaded to simplify camber adjustment. The camber support bracket has been strengthened and modified to accommodate the rod ends. If you are installing this set on a street car and need the tab left on the bracket for the heat shield, check the box.
Free Freight
RS460 Duntov racing strut rod set
Duntov Racing Strut Rod Set

Duntov Motor Company is the exclusive licensee for the continued production of the authentic original Corvette Grand Sport.  Duntov Motor Company is the exclusive licensee for the manufacturing and distribution of the updated street version of this famous car. We service what we sell. We also restore and service 1963-1982 Corvette race, street and performance cars using original and replacement parts including front and rear suspension, brake calipers, brake rotors, brake pads, both J-56 and stock brake caliper pistons, and Corvette stainless steel parking brake parts. We offer the finest original U.S. built Corvette spindles and GM stub axles, along with remanufactured Corvette differentials for both street and race cars. We build both new and rebuilt Corvette trailing arm assemblies for 1965-1982 Corvettes, and offer Corvette street and racing springs and both steel and composite leaf springs in a wide selection of spring rates. Check out our Corvette parts section for shocks, sway bars, upper and lower A-arms, Corvette ball joints, tie rod ends, pitman arms, idler arms, shocks and U-joints.

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