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The first printing of Fifty Years of the Corvette Grand Sport is sold out.

The next edition of the book has been greatly expanded and will carry the subtitle “The Rest of the Story”.
Stay tuned for a delivery date.
50 Years of the Corvette Grand Sport

Dave Friedman, author of more than a dozen books on racing in the sixties including Corvette Grand Sport, posted this reaction to Alan's book on Facebook:

"Wow!! Just received a beautiful new book by Alan Sevadjian. Called 50 Years of the Corvette Grand Sport, this is a must have for all Corvette fans. Tells the truth about the coming of the original Stingray and gives credit where credit is due."

Dave Friedman

A Pittsburgh native, Jan Hyde, is the co-founder of The Registry of Corvette Race Cars, the photographic repository for every significant Corvette race car from the fifties through the current factory cars. The Registry lists more than 1,700 Corvette race cars under a unique proprietary system catalogued by date and race series. Jan posted the following observations:/p>

Jan Hyde

"Fifty Years of the Corvette Grand Sport is an exceptional book, the product of the author’s experience, dedication and expertise. It is candid, behind the scenes, and opinionated, as opposed to the typical watered down, politically correct accounts I’ve come to expect when editors, lawyers, censors, and PR types call the shots. Readers of this unusual and important book will enjoy factual accounts peppered with unvarnished, behind-the-scenes commentary, and many rare and interesting photos. My highest compliments to Alan and his staff."

Contributor and motorsports historian Willem Oosthoek, author of the massive three-book series entitled Sports Car Racing in the South (distributed by Dalton Watson Fine Books Ltd., offered the following review:

Delmo Johnson and Willem Oosthoek

“Alan did a wonderful in-depth job describing the history of the five Corvette Grand Sports and all the characters involved. The photo coverage is excellent as well. In addition, his book shows what a highly skilled manufacturer he is when it comes to building continuation Grand Sports, in spite of some setbacks along the way that would have derailed other, less determined people. Highly recommended.”

Other reactions to the book from readers across the country:

Michael Sabo, Colorado Springs, CO. - “I just finished your book yesterday afternoon - Wow! I so enjoyed learning more, a lot more, about the history and recent process of the GS. I appreciated your transparency and honestly throughout your book and the frankness of writing. You are an excellent writer and your storyline and photos are outstanding.”

Al Satterwhite, Torrance, CA. - “Alan, I finished reading your book. Wow! You really did put out an incredible piece of history & current together….”

Mike Pikor, Summerville, SC. - “Received my book a few days ago. What a fantastic piece! It has got to be the best in my Corvette collection. You guys did a GREAT job. Thanks.”

Harry Farnham, Dallas, TX. - Thank you for the copy of your new book on the history of the Grand Sport.  I have read it and the writing and pictures are excellent!!!"

Ken Pierson, Palmdale, CA. - (Transcribed from a phone message) “I got your book.  All I can say is that it is awesome – totally over the top.  You guys went way overboard.  This book has some fantastic stories and great pictures.  Wow, is all I can say.  You have been working your butt off, and it shows.  Congratulations!”

About the book:

In February 1964, the author and founder of Duntov Motor Company, Alan Sevadjian, saw his first Corvette Grand Sport at an SCCA event at Green Valley Raceway in Smithfield, Texas. It was driven by Dallas Chevrolet dealer Delmo Johnson. The image was unforgettable, and ten months later Alan bought his own Grand Sport from John Mecom, and at nineteen years old, he began a lifetime association with that car.

The Grand Sport was not politically correct. It was outrageous in every aspect of its being. It was too light, too fragile, too powerful, and too much for Carroll Shelby's new Cobras. It was also too much for GM's Board of Directors, and the project was cancelled before it really got started.

This book tells the rest of the story of what preceded the Grand Sport, why it was built and then summarily cancelled, and what transpired fifty years later when GM licensed the continued production of their iconic car. The author had a front row seat for both ends of this drama.

It is a story that has its roots in the era when the great American automobile manufacturers were trying to identify a new post-war car market and somehow get a handle on a growing interest among young people in hot rods and high-performance automobiles. Alan's life was largely consumed by the Grand Sport for the four years between Green Valley and a sudden intervention by the U.S. Navy in 1968. Forced to sell the car, he found little interest and finally had to let it go for $5,000. Thirty years later the car's market value had increased more than a thousand fold. Widespread interest in the Grand Sport had finally matched Alan's original enthusiasm.

An earlier effort at telling this story was commissioned by a customer who asked Alan to write it down in book form. That basic outline took the better part of four months, but this book required an additional year to produce. It contains 382 pages, 74,000 words, and 540 photographs, many of which have never before been published.

The book is in-stock and available like the rest of the Duntov Motor Company product line -
Freight Free to anywhere in the Continental United States.
Fifty Years of the Corvette Grand Sport - Hardcover

Also available at:

The Corvette Museum
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Steve Pasteiner’s Auto Zone
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Duntov Motor Company is the exclusive licensee for the continued production of the authentic original Corvette Grand Sport.  Duntov Motor Company is the exclusive licensee for the manufacturing and distribution of the updated street version of this famous car. We service what we sell. We also restore and service 1963-1982 Corvette race, street and performance cars using original and replacement parts including front and rear suspension, brake calipers, brake rotors, brake pads, both J-56 and stock brake caliper pistons, and Corvette stainless steel parking brake parts. We offer the finest original U.S. built Corvette spindles and GM stub axles, along with remanufactured Corvette differentials for both street and race cars. We build both new and rebuilt Corvette trailing arm assemblies for 1965-1982 Corvettes, and offer Corvette street and racing springs and both steel and composite leaf springs in a wide selection of spring rates. Check out our Corvette parts section for shocks, sway bars, upper and lower A-arms, Corvette ball joints, tie rod ends, pitman arms, idler arms, shocks and U-joints.

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