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We have been restoring 63-82 Corvette street car chassis for two generations. During that time we have had the privilege of restoring some of the most famous and most valuable Corvettes in the country. Our specialty is the chassis and driveline, but we also have our own in house paint and body shop that is exclusively Corvette. We can build a new chassis from scratch or restore your frame, driveline and suspension. We use the same trim shop as seen in Fast and Loud, and they are very good and right down the street. Give us a call at (888) 581-3838 to discuss your Corvette restoration project.

1963-82 Corvette frame-off restorations

After sandblasting, most Corvette frames require quite a bit of welding before the powder coat. Our welding and fabrication shop can make the frame sound, and our mechanics have all the parts on hand to do the job. When we do your restoration, you get the maximum discount on our parts, and while our labor rate is only $90 and hour, we get the job done in less hours because we do this kind of work every day.

Corvette front assembly restorationWe do major body-off chassis restorations in our shop. Below are some collections of the parts you may need if you are planning on doing the same thing in your shop. The packages will save you a lot of money over purchasing everything separately.

In addition to the list price savings you realize when buying evrything together, our shopping cart is programmed to apply quantity discounts of of from 4 to 12% on all orders over $4,000 list. Freight is included on every part number on this page.

1965-82 Corvette master front overhaul kitMaster Front Overhaul Kit

These are the main parts required for a new 65-82 front end. Of course there are many parts not included, such as the drag link, steering gear box, pitman arm, power steering parts, and brakes, but this will get you started in the right direction. All the other parts are on the website, and the brakes and power steering parts are offered in sets that will save you money. Remember, the quantity discount applies to this and to everything else on the website.
Free Freight
Parts List:
  • Sway Bar Assembly with End Links
  • Powder Coated GM Suspension Assemblies
  • Spindles
  • Steering Knuckles with Grade 8 Bolts
  • Brake Caliper Brackets
  • Splash Shields
  • Hubs with Timken Bearings and Grease Covers
  • Federal Mogul Springs
  • Tie Rod Ends and Tubes
  • Heavy Duty Idler Arm
  • AC Delco HD Shocks
69-82 Front End Assembly
Sway Bar
Engine Size
65-68 Front End Assembly
Sway Bar
Engine Size
add Poly Bushings
add for $60

1965-82 Corvette master rear overhaul kitMaster Rear Overhaul Kit

We have put together everything normally required to make a new car out of your chassis at the rear. These parts are all individually available elsewhere in the website, but we have discounted this collection about 5%, and you will get another minimum 4% discount when you get to the shopping cart. We also pay the freight. Remember, the quantity discount applies to this and to everything else on the website. No cores are required, but we would like to purchase your rebuildable old parts, and will pay top dollar for them. Check out the Cores page in this website. - Free Freight

Parts List:
  • Differential Crossmember Assembly
  • Front Differential Mount Bushing Assembly
  • SS Trailing Arm Shim and Bolt Kit
  • AC Delco HD Shocks
  • Half Shaft Assemblies
  • U-Bolts and Half Shaft Flange Bolts
  • Remanufactured Differential
  • New Strut Rods and Cam Assemblies
  • Shock Mount Bolts
  • OEM Spring Mount Kit
  • Steel Rear Leaf Spring
  • Spring Mount Plate Kit
  • Trailing Arm Assemblies
63-82 Master Rear Overhaul Kit

Add for Composite Spring (includes shock upgrade)
Add for $164
Master Rear Overhaul Kit Poly Bushings

Add for Offset Trailing Arm
Add for $220

1968-82 Corvette C-3 master body mount kitC-3 Master Body Mount Kit

Here we offer all the hardware you will typically need to do a first class job of remounting and reinforcing your body. Free Freight

73-82 Coupe & Convertible C-3 Master Body Mount Kit
68-72 Coupe & Convertible C-3 Master Body Mount Kit

Corvette mid year master body mount kitMid Year Master Body Mount Kits

Included here is the body mount kit plus the #1 and #4 body mount reinforcements and the #3 body mount access covers. Free Freight

Mid Year Master Body Mount Kits

C-3 Body Mount Kits

This set includes all the rubber fused to steel body mounts with 16 cad-plated shims and grade 8 bolts and nuts. It is all you will need to bolt the two big pieces together. Free Freight

1968-82 Corvette C-3 body mount kits
73-82 Body Mount Kit
68-72 Body Mount Kit

M050 Corvette mid year body mount kitMid Year Body Mount Kit

If all you need is the hardware and shims to bolt your mid year body back to the frame, this will do the job.

Mid Year Body Mount Kit

M060 1963-82 Corvette cage and nut sets63-82 Cage & Nut Sets

This is a car set, and you will need to weld the brackets on.

63-82 Cage & Nut Sets

M070 body liftBody Lift

You either need this lift or four helpers. The straps hook on the side of the body under the door sill making body removal a one person operation.

Body Lift

M080 1963-64 Corvette front disk brake conversion kit63-64 Front Disk Brake Conversion Kit

This is everything you will need to upgrade your front drum brakes to disk. Included are heavy duty (69-82) spindles, steering knuckles, hubs, bearings, rotors, shields, caliper mounting brackets, calipers, bonded pads, brake hoses and our premium fluid. Your old spindles, hubs and steering knuckles are worth $300 to us if they are in good condition.

Remember your 63-64 Corvette came with 3/16 brake lines. In the middle of the 65 model year the brake lines were changed to 1/4 inch to accommodate the additional fluid that is required to move those big caliper pistons. If you intend to also change the rear brakes to disc, you should consider going with the larger brake lines, which you can order as part # B080, and a new master cylinder, part # B090.
Free Freight

63-64 Front Disk Brake
Conversion Kit


M090 1963-64 Corvette rear disk brake conversion kit63-64 Rear Disk Brake Conversion Kit

Because the rear conversion requires new parking brakes, the easiest way to make the conversion is to change the trailing arm assemblies. Included are two custom trailing arm assemblies, rotors, calipers, bolts, bonded pads, hoses and SS trailing arm brake lines. The trailing arm assemblies have a custom parking brake cable adaptor flange that allows you to use your original parking brake cable assembly.
Free Freight

63-64 Rear Disk Brake
Conversion Kit

Add for Offset Trailing Arm
Add for $220

Duntov Motor Company is the exclusive licensee for the continued production of the authentic original Corvette Grand Sport.  Duntov Motor Company is the exclusive licensee for the manufacturing and distribution of the updated street version of this famous car. We service what we sell. We also restore and service 1963-1982 Corvette race, street and performance cars using original and replacement parts including front and rear suspension, brake calipers, brake rotors, brake pads, both J-56 and stock brake caliper pistons, and Corvette stainless steel parking brake parts. We offer the finest original U.S. built Corvette spindles and GM stub axles, along with remanufactured Corvette differentials for both street and race cars. We build both new and rebuilt Corvette trailing arm assemblies for 1965-1982 Corvettes, and offer Corvette street and racing springs and both steel and composite leaf springs in a wide selection of spring rates. Check out our Corvette parts section for shocks, sway bars, upper and lower A-arms, Corvette ball joints, tie rod ends, pitman arms, idler arms, shocks and U-joints.

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